Evington Hall needs a Custodian!

Evington Hall is in need of a custodian.

Evington Hall is a two storey muti-tenant office suite with 28 suites, two meeting rooms, 5 washrooms.

This is an ideal job for someone who is retired and wants to earn some extra money, or, you are currently working independently but need to add a steady customer.  The job entails three main components:

  • Cleaning
  • Building Maintenance/Handyman
  • Groundskeeping – all seasons.

Cleaning – about 3 days a week in the evening

Tasks would include:

  • vaccuuming
  • emptying out the garbage, recycle bins, and shredder bins
  • sweeping and mopping
  • dusting
  • cleaning washrooms

Handyman – Building Maintenance

Tasks would include on an as per need basis:

  • change light bulbs
  • set up / move / repair furniture – time to time  (with assistance available)
  • basic plumbing (leaky taps, toilet valves)
  • changing furnace filters
  • check on and switching batteries on emergency lighting
  • putting up shelves, picture frames, whiteboards, corkboards, clothing hooks.
  • ordering supplies for cleaning, groundskeeping, and building maintenance.


In the winter months:

  • plow the parking lot
  • plow and salt the walkways

In the spring, summer, and fall

  • cut the grass and do grass edging
  • trim any hedges
  • prune trees
  • water plants (manually in no-reach places and using sprinkler system)
  • maintain flower beds and potted plants

The pay rate is negotiable based on experience – but we are looking at $17/hr as a start.   We envision the duties will involve at least three days a week in the evenings for cleaning and basic maintenance and going to 4 or 5 days some weeks when factoring in groundskeeping/seasonal building maintenance as needed.

If you are interested, please send a list of your qualifications to jobs@evington.ca, and provide a call back number so we can contact you!